Saturday, 31 October 2015

Serration Stones


I get a lot of serrated knives and not all of them are bread knives.  Many are folders with a small serrated section near the heel.

However, when I got a hunting knife with a gut hook, I had to figure something out so I used the pieces of Japanese Water Stones that I have and shaped them on sandpaper and the Atoma plate so that they would fit into various sized serrations.

The picture here will illustrate what I mean.

They work very well, the key of course is to raise a burr on the flat side of the knife and then remove that burr.
It is pretty simple actually and you don't need to have these water stones. As I have shown earlier, you could wrap some sandpaper around a wooden dowel to do the trick as well. I know most people don't just happen to have Chosera water stones lying around that they can cut up.

Serrated knives don't need to be sharpened too often, thankfully.

I appreciate you being here.

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