Tuesday, 3 November 2015

TIP repair challenge

Tips are rarely this bad when I get them, it is normally just a little piece at the very tip, not this bad.

The problem here is the repair work will cause one of two issues, if I do the work from the spine the tip area will be very weak as a lot, and I mean a lot of metal would be removed.

Working from the edge and curving up towards the spine where it broke off leaves the tip very thick, it is now up in the thickest part of the knife.

I chose the latter though, this would leave the tip very strong but I would have to remove a lot of metal from that area after the work is done.

I was happy with the result, at least the knife is a knife again. 

I used a very coarse belt on a belt sander (1x42) to very carefully and very slowly do the majority of the metal removal. It  would take an eternity on a coarse stone and wear it out.

I finished it off on a Nubatama 150, Chosera 400 and then sharpened it on the Chosera 400, 1,000 and  finally the Naniwa Aotoshi 2,000.


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