Monday, 5 October 2015

I Learn Something Every Day

When I get a knife with significant damage like this, especially to the tip I always wonder and fear some collateral damage that extends into the steel, at the molecular level, stuff you can't see.

When I repaired the tip the first time I did the work from the primary edge, the cutting edge and hoped to preserve as much real estate as possible of what remained of the blade. However, as soon as I started to sharpen the knife another little piece of the tip broke off. Clearly there was internal damage from the impact.
I redid the work from the spine of the knife and re-profiled it just a little in an attempt to add some stability to that area of the knife.

This time I was able to sharpen it normally, with a good amount of pressure.

I learn something every single day.

ON another topic:

This is a seaman knife that I just did for an old shipmate, it really brought back a flood of good memories from my Naval Career. I started my sharpening on these knives many many years ago.

Just sharing, thanks for taking a look.

Peter Nowlan

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