Friday, 2 October 2015

Sharpening Tips by the Professionals

Knifeplanet asked me to provide ONE tip for beginner sharpeners and you will see mine in the list below (New Edge Sharpening)

However.....there is a ton of fantastic tips here, each one is important and if followed will enhance your sharpening prowess. Even if you know how to sharpen, I think you will learn something from the folks here. I sure did, it brought back a lot of memories as I was learning.

Professional Knife Sharpening Tips

I hope you enjoy them.

Naniwa Chosera
left to right:
Just put this picture here because I know you all love Japanese Water Stones, this is one of my favourite brands for sure. The 1, 000 grit stone is my absolute favourite 1k stone.

Kudos to Knifeplanet for finding these sharpeners and asking the question.

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