Thursday, 14 January 2016

New Stuff

Hi folks,
I am going to make a two part video and I hope to have them both done in the next week.

I write for Knifeplanet but it's not easy finding new material and even then, making the material interesting and more importantly useful to people.

I'm going to talk about the importance of coarse water stones and exactly how I use them and rely on them so heavily. A lot of new sharpeners are warned away from using coarse stones because they may damage their knife. I don't agree with that, even though in the past I did but at that time I hadn't really thought the process through. People are not stupid, they (you) will get it and learn their importance.

So the first video will just be a quick theory part and I will talk about edge retention as well, another sore spot for me.

Basically the two videos will describe exactly how I sharpen knives in detail for the purpose of motivating folks to learn to sharpen and see that it can be done with practice and some simple steps.

Yes I do realize there are a ton of videos out there, I will do my best to make mine one of the good ones.



  1. Great thing! Yes: Youtube is full of videos, even about knife sharpening, which is not videogames or other highly sought subject. It is quite a challenge to make something better and more interesting. Will keep waiting for them.

  2. I shied away from using coarse stones early on because all the coarse stones that I'd purchased were cheap and poor quality. The 400 grit Messermeister and Global stones that I'd bought would dish incredibly quickly and seemed to wear unevenly when I needed to remove even a small amount of steel. Not to blame the tools too much but any mistake I made due to a lack of skill and experience was compounded by the stones.

    It wasn't until I had opportunity to use Naniwa and King Deluxe in the coarser grits that I appreciated how critical coarser stones were in setting the bevel and saving time at the finer grits. It also required me to admit to myself how ignorant I still was/am about knife sharpening.

  3. Jordan, I can confirm that in some cases, the product being used can have an impact on your work, good or bad. If you don't trust the stone, it has a negative effect on your confidence. The Naniwa stones are really good, I'm glad you found them. Thank you for visiting my Blog.