Thursday, 19 January 2017

Beginning the Journey video

The purpose of this video is for novice sharpeners to take note of the importance of prioritizing their approach to learning to sharpen.

In our world of YouTube and other social media and various forums, folks have a tendency to watch video after video and get hung up the wrong things.  Yes, it is important to understand the process of course but at some point I think you need to stop watching and just try it out, start building that muscle memory and just as important to that, start building CONFIDENCE.

You will learn a lot by just attempting to sharpen a knife. It is far more important to understand Steel for example than topics like whether a toothy edge will last longer than a polished edge. All these collateral elements of sharpening will come together in clarity after you get the fundamentals down.

This video is about learning the fundamentals first, get that down and then learn to manipulate pressure at four levels, just start with two:)

Thanks for looking

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