Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Pressure Video Redone.

Folks here is my second version of the video I did on Pressure..

Hope it clears up anything that may have been unclear.



  1. Great video! I have subscribed to your YT channel, BTW. Still amazed by how you hold a consistent angle on both sides of the edge with that technique. I keep trying myself: Sometimes 45 degrees, other times side-to-side, other ones backwards and forwards. A holder might help, as I tend to use the edge of the table to avoid hitting it with my knuckles.

  2. Hi, thank you for subscribing to my channel. To be honest, once I do the video, I don't go back to the YouTube and look for comments.

    You need to find one technique that is comfortable and works, then go for it. I remember struggling to find the right technique that works for me. Once I did I was able to just keep improving it. There was no more confusion about the technique choice. It takes time my friend. Remember I do it every single day so I have the luxury of practising continuously. Thank you for watching ;)