Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Dream Knives and the stones to go with them.

Hey folks,
I've been away so I am sorry for not keeping up.

I have had the opportunity to have some amazing knives in my home to sell to folks, I had 10 in total and they all went without me even leaving the house, no door to door stuff which I would never do.

People that I sharpen for trust me and if I say the knife is good, there are no questions about that. Besides, I don't make a cent from them, I just did it as a favour to someone.

I am not permitted to show all of them as requested but I can honestly say that they are the nicest knives I have ever seen.

The Kotetsu above is a Bunka and it is exquisite, the maker of this knives at is clearly gifted. He is a pretty nice fella too, I have contacted him on IG and told him how beautiful his knives are. I can't believe how thin it is.

The other knives were Fujiwara and Takeda.  The Fujiwara is undoubtedly the sharpest knife I have ever felt, it is sharpened at 11. 5-12 deg and is quite stunning.

Most of the knives were gobbled up by Chefs in the area.

Now.....Water Stones:

Being in Canada, it is a pain to purchase Water Stones from Chef Knives to Go, Mark Richmond has a huge collection but the cost of shipping, customs and the terrible state of our dollar right now makes that choice difficult.

Now I can go to Paul's Finest of course which I very often do and buy one of my favourite brands, the Naniwa Chosera's but is nice to have a bit of a selection and my other favourites are Shapton Glass and Shapton Professional.

I have been using Shapton Pro stones for many years, I love them, the 5k stone is superb, the edge it will produce is sharper than most people have ever seen. However, they are only available in the States......up until now that is.

One of the drop off spots for my customers is a beautiful little Japanese store called The Ikebana Shop. The owners are fabulous and I asked him about bringing in some water stones, if at all possible and I named a couple of my favourite brands, well actually I just named the Shapton Pro but I never thought he would pull it off.

320/1,000/5,000 Shapton Pro

I now have access to one of my favourite brands of water stones and I will sell some on behalf of the owners to my students.

The 320 and 5k above are mine, I got them the day they arrived.

The 3 stone combo pictured above is the perfect combination. Shapton Pro has many other stones as well, the 220, 1.5k, 8K and 15K (I may be missing one or two). I have them all in Edge Pro size but now I finally have them in full size as well. So I am very happy,

I think the Ikebana Shop is the only place in Canada, the Maritimes at least that carries these.

The other good spot of course to purchase awesome knives and stones is Knifewear, I really like what   Kevin Kent has done. He has brought some amazing products to Canada for us to enjoy and I have heard that it is a treat to be in one of his stores.

Thanks for being here friends.


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