Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tip Sharpening Video

I made this short video with the goal of providing some assistance to anyone out there who may be experience difficulty sharpening the tip of a knife. It does take some practice but for me, there are only a couple of things that are a must:

1. When reaching the tip area of your knife and could be the actual tip and the inch of metal that flows out from the tip, the pointy end.
RAISE YOUR ELBOW so that it is parallel to the ground and when doing the back of the knife raise your elbow but tuck it in to your body.

2. RAISE YOUR ANGLE  slightly, I do this and I find it helps, just a few degrees but be sure to drop back down to the "sharpening angle" when moving back down the knife towards the heel.

When I mention 45 degrees in the video, that is NOT my sharpening angle obviously, it is angle of the knife against the stone, if the knife was lying flat on the stone basically but I am quite sure folks realize that.

Thanks to a few folks who truly are outstanding knife sharpeners and are eager to share information.
Jon Broida is a gifted sharpener who owns Japanese Knife Imports and in my opinion his sharpening videos are the best that have been made, definitely the best I have seen and be sure to watch the LECTURE portions of the videos.
Awesome videos on everything about sharpening by Jon Broida

Corey Dunlap at the Phoenix Knife House. In fact, Corey is the only other sharpener that I have actually met and talked to (harassed) besides the Master Sharpener I met in New York but there was a language barrier there. The Phoenix Knife House is pretty cool, besides the vast array of dream knives there, you get to see folks like Corey the head sharpener actually sharpening, it's right up front in the store, it's a unique experience.

Thanks to my friend Jeff who asked me to make the video, much appreciated.

Very Respectfully
Peter Nowlan
New Edge Sharpening
NS Canada

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  1. Very good video Peter! Thank you for accepting this project.