Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Maestro Wu....wow what a knife.

Folks, I am very excited to be able to tell you about the Maestro Wu bombshell knives that are now quite well known in some parts of the world, Asia especially. 
Picture a small island off the coast of China in WWII being heavily bombed, over half a million artillery shells falling over a period of a year or so. Now imagine a blade smith who lives on the island and the steel required to make knives is no longer available. His son, Mr. Wu inherits his fathers well established business and now is left with a problem, no raw materials. However, his island is littered with bombshells so he starts using the high quality steel from the countless unexploded artillery shells on the island to make knives and he breathes new life into the already well respected factory. Flash forward to the present and imagine all of the secrets in the forging of the steel Mr. Wu has learned and the history that each knife he creates holds. He is Maestro Wu and his knives are quite amazing.
I have one, perhaps the only one in Canada right now, sent to me by a very respected sharpener in Taiwan. 
These are extremely unique kitchen tools, the quality of the knives is easily  matched by their beauty. They are very hard, harder than German knives and the edge attainable will startle you. The very first person I showed it to ordered one.

If you are fortunate enough to handle one of these knives, you will immediately appreciate the workmanship that has gone into it. It feels fantastic, well balanced and comfortable.

I can get you one of these, these are prized possessions in some areas right now. Google it if you need proof. The price is very reasonable for this knives, they vary for each one but they cost no more than a good quality knife at your local kitchen store.

The bombshell collection features other knives, chefs knives and cleavers plus this brand new paring knife.

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